Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How to Maximize Your One-Day IELTS Review Course

Only have less than a week before your IELTS test date? Think your communicative skills still need more work? Consider enrolling in a one-day IELTSreview course.

Take note! Just because your IELTS course only covers one doesn’t mean that you’re going to learn less than those who prepared with a week-long training program. It just means that you’re going to get a concentrated version of what they’re getting. So, you better be prepared for (probably) the most intense hours of test review in your life.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

IELTS Hacks: How to Deal With Study Burnouts

Study burnout does not discriminate. Anyone preparing for a high-stakes exam like the IELTS can experience it—although, it’s most likely to hit the most dedicated IELTS students. It can happen unexpectedly. One moment you’re acing your IELTS Philippines mock exams, and the next moment nothing is sticking to your head and you can’t find the motivation to study.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Add Variety to Your IELTS Review

It’s easy to lose interest in your test preparations, especially if you limit your efforts to your IELTS course. Avoid this problem by adding variety to your studies.

Why You Should Add Variety to Your Study Routine
If you’ve been preparing for the IELTS UKVI exam for weeks, it’s highly likely that you’ve developed a study routine. And that’s great! Having a routine—regardless of whether it just involved attending your training course or conducting self-study sessions—ensures that your IELTS review has an established spot in your daily schedule.

Variety to IELTS Review

The problem with having a routine, however, is that it can confine you. It can limit your review efforts to whatever activities you’ve set into your routine. Not only can this demotivate you over time, but it can also hinder the development of your communicative skills. This is where variety can help you out.

How to Add Variety to Your IELTS Review
Make your test preparation more fun and engaging. Here are some fun and effective ways to add variety to your IELTS UKVI review.

      ·         Change your routine
Do you always review your IELTS course notes at night? Change it up and study them in the morning. Do you often review in your bedroom? Gather up your training materials and relocate to another private and study-conducive spot. Making small changes like these in your routine will make your study sessions more interesting.

      ·         Study using various materials
Don’t confine your studies to the training materials that your IELTS course provides. Find out how a topic is tackled in different media by different people and instructors. Explore your resources. Relearn your IELTS lectures using the following materials and sources.

o   Infographics
o   Charts, graphs, and tables.
o   Concept maps
o   Instructional videos
o   Podcasts
o   Academic articles
o   Blog articles

The more media you use to relearn a topic, the better you’ll remember and understand it.
      ·         Assign a song to a topic
If you’re the type who likes to leave the radio or music on while they study, this review hack is for you. Assign a song or soundtrack to a topic. Then, every time you study that topic listen to its corresponding track. This’ll make you subconsciously associate that particular topic to that specific song. You’ll know you applied this tactic successfully if all you have to do is sing or hum a song to recall its respective topic.

      ·         Use unconventional learning strategies
Don’t just reread your IELTS UKVI lecture notes or answer mock exams. Be creative. Here are some fun but effective ways to hone your English communicative abilities.

o   Watch English shows, movies, and newscasts.
o   Listen to English songs, radio broadcasts, and podcasts. 
o   Read English books, magazine, journals, and newspapers.
o   Relate your lessons to your own experiences.
o   Keep an audio journal about your daily activities.
o   Create visual representations or write poems or stories about your lessons.
o   Teach your friends and family what you’ve learned.
o   Breakdown big linguistic concepts using maps and diagrams.
o   Compare and contrast various English language concepts.
o   Create a comprehensive presentation about your IELTS lectures.

Want to learn more effective ways to maintain your study drive and invigorate your test preparations? Enroll in a JRooz IELTS review center! Click here to find their training facility that’s closest to your area.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

IELTS Hacks: How to Study While Commuting via Taxi

Taxis are one of the most convenient ways to travel these days. They’re fast, private, and—if you have an Uber or Grab app on your phone—safer and easier to hail than ever before. However, like other forms of transportation, taxis are also not immune to traffic.
If you’re one of those taxi commuters who want to spend their time in transit more productively, then this article is for you! Learn how to conduct study sessions efficiently to further your one-day IELTS review while riding the taxi.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

4 Word-Attack Strategies to Boost Your Vocabulary

As an IELTStest taker, it is essential that you engage yourself in various learning activities such as reviewing your lectures at home, taking notes during your classes in IELTS review center and participating in group study sessions as these events can help enhance your IELTSpreparation. But if you are looking for a new study strategy, why not try using a word-attack strategy as it can help widen your vocabulary, get familiar with the correct pronunciation of words, and improve your language skills.

According to Reading, “Word-attack strategies help students decode, pronounce, and understand unfamiliar words.” To apply this strategy in your IELTS for UKVI preparation, you must pay attention to the unfamiliar words and phrases when reading a text. You can do this while reviewing your notes at home or during your classes at the IELTS review center. Here are four word-attack strategies to boost your vocabulary: