Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Much is the IELTS UKVI Costs?

The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration have become more specific with the English proficiency examination that they accept for any visa applications. The IELTS UKVI is the accepted and recognized examination. Because of this news, Filipinos have become confused with this new rule. They are perplexed regarding the difference of this test with the current IELTS test available.
The IELTS UKVI do not differ in terms of content, scoring, and test format with the regular IELTS examination. The only difference that they have with the other IELTS examination is thetest fee.
Further, the IELTS UKVI examination can be only taken in designated IELTS UKVI test centers. Currently, only two cities in the Philippines offer the examination – Manila and Cebu. There are important reminders the IDP and British Council would like to remind its IELTS test candidates.
•Any candidates should not be late for the examination. There are no special tests to be given to candidates who have missed any of the four subtests. To avoid getting late, be familiar with the test location. Be early at the test center as well on the exam day.
•Candidates who are not able to attend on the test day without prior notice forfeits their full test fee.
•Deferment of test date is possible with a processing fee to be paid. However, a minimum of five weeks notice must be given. Failure to do so means forfeiture of the test fees.
The IELTS UKVI can be a pretty expensive examination with its costly registration fee plus the travel candidates have to make for those who are not living in the test Manila and Cebu. Preparation for the exam is highly recommended. Here are some simple yet effective preparation tips for the examination.
•Improve your vocabulary bank. Good vocabulary is important in the examination. In the reading and listening tests, knowledge of common Australian and British vocabulary is useful in understanding reading and listening passages. In speaking, the choice of vocabulary words helps one express his or her ideas well. This is important to clearly explain your points of view. The same thing goes in the writing test. The use of effective vocabulary gives the content more meaning and sense.
•Watch English movies and TV series. Learning should be entertaining. Many IELTS test candidates attest that movies and TV series help them learn expressions that they have been able to use in the real test. Also, observing people in their discourse with others can be used in your speaking test.
•Study with Youtube tutorials. There are a lot of tutorial videos for the IELTS found in Youtube. Most of these channels are teachers of the IELTS. They provide tips and strategies to make the test easier to understand.
•Find every opportunity to speak English.Being confident with the language improves the person’s speaking skills. Practice speaking English with friends and family. You can even find a speaking coach who can teach you strategies on how to speak English fluently.
 The IELTS UKVI is a good test to evaluate your English skills. Do well in the test as it is not cheap. To succeed, practice a lot for the IELTS test.

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