Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Top English Language Learners: Filipino Performed Well Aside From German

In the year 2014, it was recorded that German test candidates of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination ranked the highest average scores making them the world’s top English language learners.
The IELTS examination received a total of 2.5 million test candidates all over the world. German test candidates scored an average of 7.3 on all four subtests of the examination. This evidently shows that these non-native English speakers are already linguistically skilled to take challenging subjects.
Apart from Germans being on the top rank, other non-native English speakers have shown exceptional scores. Polish, Romanian and Filipino speakers have performed an outstanding scores in the IELTS. With the great number of Filipinos taking the examination every year, it is not surprising for Filipinos to be on the list.
In the Philippines, IELTS Philippines training has a remarkable increase as more and more Filipinos register for the examination. Test candidates from students to working professionals often seek for IELTS training that could help them build and improve their English skills for the examination. Accordingly, Filipinos do not have a much of a hard time training for the IELTS. For starters, Filipinos have been exposed with the English language in school. Most schools, universities and colleges use English as a medium of instruction. Second, English is also found in various media. TV, radio, and even on the newspaper, the English language is used to broadcast and publish information to the public.
Despite this, IELTS Philippines training is still highly needed as there are certain skills and techniques that test candidates have to know to be able to get a high score in the IELTS examination. Though there is no pass or fail score in taking the test, each test candidate has his or her own target scores. Companies or institutions have set this target score as a requirement for application.
If you are a Filipino planning to take the IELTS, preparation is crucial to your success. The time and effort you give to reviewing affect your overall performance in the examination. To give help you plan a good preparation for the test, here are some few tips to a successful IELTS Philippines training:
  • Start by building good vocabulary. Comprehension skills are highly important in the IELTS. It is a problem if one cannot understand words and phrases that are used in different passages. Further, having wide vocabulary results to better responses in both speaking and writing. To improve your vocabulary, read different English resources. You can choose from textbooks, magazines, journals, newspapers, or even blogs online. The more you read, the more words you get to learn.
  • Be exposed with British and Australian English. Filipinos are more accustomed to American English as this is widely used in schools and on the media. Yet, the IELTS test also uses British and Australian English. Being familiar with words, expressions, and even on the accent of these two is a good advantage for the examination.
  • Find an opportunity to use the English language. There are lots of situations where you can practice speaking English: ordering in a restaurant, discussing homework with friends, or deliberating with a colleague. The exposure that you get with the language also contributes to your confidence in using the language itself.
  • Be part of IELTS Philippines training. This training are conducted by experts on the IELTS test. Lectures and mock exams are provided to assess the students’ progress in their program. This training aims to build, develop, and hone English skills for the IELTS exam.
 Learning English makes us better speakers. Who knows, maybe in the year 2016, Filipinos get to top spot as top English learners in the world.


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