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Useful Formats, Sentences and Phrases for IELTS Writing & Speaking

According to some IELTS instructors, Filipinos are always in trouble with their speaking and writing tests. There are some IELTS test candidates who have taken the test more than three times just to hit their required scores in these two sections. IELTS review in the Philippines have tried to provide reasons for these failures. 

First, there is insufficient practices from students. Though there are exercises given in classes, students should do their own practices when at home. Second is the lack of good format in their responses. Both responses lack organization and the flow of ideas is greatly affected. Finally, there is a problem with vocabulary. Some students lack vocabulary that they end up giving mediocre responses in the test. 

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Some review centers in the Philippines, like IELTS review center in Makati, designs workshops to help students with difficulty in speaking and writing. These workshops aim to provide more opportunities of learning in creating logical and appropriate responses for the IELTS test. Here are some useful tips in improving your responses for both speaking and writing tests.

In the Academic Writing, the first task should always have a clear introduction. The body paragraph will depend on the number of tasks given on the question. A conclusion that can sum up the trends on the graph is good to close your essay. For the General Training, write the letter by not missing any parts of a letter. For the second task, an introduction with clear thesis statement must be written. The number of body paragraphs is determined depending on the need of the task; usually there are two body paragraphs in the essay. A clear and concise conclusion makes it a good wrap to your ideas.
Speaking should have a very simple format. Start with a simple introduction followed by two to three sentences detailing your point. Make use of transition words on both writing and speaking to guide the rater in your responses.


Avoid simple and compound structures in writing your sentences. Instead, combine ideas and make them more intelligent using the complex and compound complex structures.

Compare the two sets of sentences:
One disadvantage of studying overseas is the language. It is difficult to communicate. This may lead to misunderstanding. 
 One disadvantage of studying overseas is the language. Since it is difficult to communicate, people could end up having misunderstandings because of the language.
The same idea goes with the speaking responses.

Compare the two sets of responses:
My hometown is Davao City. It is in the southern part of the Philippines. It has great beaches and a peaceful community.
My hometown is Davao city located at the southern part of the Philippines. My city prides itself with is beaches and very peaceful community.

Useful phrases for the IELTS test


To express your personal opinion, here are some good phrases to use:

  • From my point of view,
  • It appears that
  • From my perspective

To give examples:

  • For instance
  • To illustrate
  • Namely


  • On the whole
  • By and large
  • Essentially


Here are some interview expressions that will make responses sound smart:

  • What I am trying to say is…
  • I would tend to agree with that…
  • I wouldn’t say it is necessarily true…
  • Sorry, would you mind repeating the question?

These are all taught in IELTS review in the Philippines particularly in IELTS review in Makati and other cities. What makes a person a good English speaker is the exposure to different speaking opportunities and writing exercises. Always practice using English and learn to be confident with it. 
With that positive thought, Filipinos will now have a better score in the speaking and writing sections of the IELTS test. 

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