Thursday, October 6, 2016

Here’s Something You Need to Know about IELTS Review Center

I had been told that the IELTS is a tough English proficiency examination. I did not totally believe this until I had my fair share in reviewing for the IELTS. Taking the IELTS was something I thought I would not have to do in my career. As a nurse applying for a visa in Australia, the IELTS was one requirement I could not avoid. My friends already told me to take the test seriously since some of them had taken it. With my little knowledge about the exam, IELTS training was what I needed.

ielts review center

I took the IELTS in Davao course programs. The review center was pretty convenient since it was located in the city center near food centers. I was actually looking for a review center with convenient food places since I could do my review after work. Upon orientation, I decided to have the unlimited program since I was not in a hurry to take the examination. Given the flexible schedule, I had options in which class schedules to attend depending on my availability. In my four months in reviewing in the center, I realized one thing that I would like to share to all IELTS candidates: IELTS review centers have the best programs in covering every single detail about the test.

In the IELTS Davao review center, we had classes to improve our vocabulary. The good thing about the class was that there was participation since most activities were done in groups. It was a good way to learn something new from your classmates and I was able to share as well some knowledge to them. The vocabulary class introduced us to different British or Australian English vocabulary and their counterparts in the American English vocabulary to which most Filipinos are accustomed to.

Also, grammar classes were handled in the review. These grammar classes were very helpful to correct our minor grammar mistakes in speaking and writing sections of the test. I realized that a small grammar error can actually create a huge difference in the content of my essay. Though grammar classes were not as hardcore as I thought it could get, the basics of grammar were already enough for us to get a good score for the exam.

There was a one-on-one speaking mock exam given to students. Here, students had a test simulation of the real speaking test. It was really nervous speaking in front of my teacher, yet this helped me boost my confidence in being confident with my speaking skills. I found this speaking mock exam to be very useful, especially to those students who might feel anxious when being interviewed.

Finally, there was this mock exam given weekly. The mock exams were a good tool to evaluate our progress in the exam. In my case, I was already consistent with my scores for three straight weeks; thus, my instructor recommended that I could already reserve a slot for the test, which I did.

IELTS training offered in IELTS Davao review centers are the most important factor in the success of my IELTS. It is definitely recommended to any IELTS candidate who wish to succeed the test in just one sitting.

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