Friday, March 17, 2017

Brain Fitness: Five Mental Benefits of Exercising

When you are preparing for a high-stakes exam like the IELTS, it pays to maximize your review period. Training with the help of an excellent IELTS review center, such as the IELTS review center in Davao, can definitely increase your chances of acquiring your band score goals. Some test takers even make it a point to enhance their brain performance by eating mind-empowering foods and engaging in mentally challenging games—like chess and puzzles—during their spare time.

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However, while it is a given that you should hone your cognitive abilities, do not neglect your physiological fitness. In fact, many studies show that you should engage more in physical activities if you want to keep your brain in excellent condition. 

Everyone knows that regular exercise does wonders to your physiological health. However, did you know that it could also empower your cognitive competency? Here are the mental benefits of engaging in sports and other physical fitness activities.

1.    Elevate mental performance – Studies show that exercising and participating in other physically demanding activities can improve your cognitive faculties. The constant awareness that these ventures require can hone your concentration. Meanwhile, the split-second decision making that most sports entail can expand your learning capacity, boost your mental rate and bolster your critical thinking skills.

2.    Bolster mood and emotional control – Whenever you engage in energy draining activities, your mind gets distracted from stress and other negative emotions. Exercise increases the production of endorphin, happy hormones, while it reduces the amount stress-causing hormones like cortisol in your body. Thus, regular exercise and sports engagements can also . . .

3.    Stave off mental disorder – With the healthy regulation of happy hormones in your body, mental conditions that are linked to stress can be prevented. The mixed feelings you acquire after exercise, usually a blend of optimism and satisfaction, can keep anxiety and depression at bay.

4.    Improve physical health – Whether you acknowledge it or not, your physical health affects your cognitive performance. No matter how intelligent you are, your mental faculties cannot function well if you are feeling under the weather. Committing yourself to a sport can build up your immune system and promote long-term physiological wellness. Moreover, engaging in physical activities can also improve the quality of your sleep, thus elevating your mindset for the following day.

5.    Promote confidence and leadership skills – Enjoying the fruits of your fitness ventures—such as an improved stamina, an increase in strength and a fitter body—as well as excelling in sports can boost your self-esteem.  The positivity generated by your wellness successes can influence your outlook and performance in other tasks as well. Moreover, participating in team sports can also increase your cooperation and leadership abilities. 

Engaging in sports and regular exercise can help keep your mind in excellent condition— a requirement for successful test preparations especially when you are attending an IELTS review center like the IELTS review center in Davao. Moreover, aside from promoting long-term wellness, physical activities can also improve your mood, prevent mental disorders, reduce stress and boost your confidence.

Complementing your exam preparation efforts with various physical activities can definitely help you maximize your review period.

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