Thursday, March 23, 2017

OOTD Matters: The Psychology of Clothes

The Population Reference Bureau’s 2016 World Population Data sheet revealed that there are about 7.4 billion inhabitants in the world today. With this population, approximately 2.3 billion are social media users with over 300 million photos uploaded on social networks every day. Among the most popular uploads is the OOTD.

What is OOTD?

This acronym OOTD stands for "outfit of the day." Hashtag OOTD became more popular with the rise of other social media sites such as Instagram. This hashtag used to be for fashion bloggers who want to inspire people with their style. Today, even ordinary citizens post about their outfits. According to Instagram, there are now about 90 million posts about OOTD worldwide.

Does OOTD still matter even when attending training in an IELTS review center in Makati?

What do your clothes say about you?

It is important to always dress for success especially when attending classes in an IELTS review center or going through interviews. From the color of your dress, down to your shoes, all these details tell something about you and may even affect your mood and behavior.

  • The color of your dress/outfit. Your color choice reveals something about your personality. It also affects how you perceive success. 
    • Red ‒ Wearing red clothes can make people appear more attractive and powerful. This color is recommended for individuals in the fields of law and sales, where aggressiveness is considered an asset.
    • Black ‒ This color conveys leadership. If you are applying for a supervisory, management or executive position, say, as a lead instructor in an IELTS review center in Makati, you can never go wrong with black. Experts say that wearing black conveys sophistication, glamor and control. This tells people that you will be an efficient and strong asset in the field.
    • Blue ‒ This is the most recommended color to wear especially during interviews and exams. Blue exudes comfort/calmness and confidence. Wearing this color during practice tests in an IELTS review center can make students appear more confident, especially when answering questions.
    • Brown ‒ Professionals discourage wearing brown, as it implies a boring personality. However, to some, brown can also mean that you are reliable.
    • Gray ‒ This color conveys independence. Those who wear gray are confident and capable of accomplishing tasks on their own.
    • Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple ‒ These colors imply creativity and attract attention. People in the fashion industry usually wear them.

  • Your choice of footwear. Believe it or not, even your shoes reveal something about you.
    • Heels ‒ According to studies, heels make people, especially women, appear and feel more powerful and confident. The higher the heels, the more powerful one feels. You may take the challenge of wearing heels when you take the IELTS exam to feel more confident when answering questions.
    • Flats ‒ Some people say that flats are for kids. However, for those in the workplace, they think wearing flats means you are ready for any challenges at work.
    • Colorful footwear ‒ This portrays an easy-going personality. Individuals who wear colorful shoes are more confident in socializing with other people. They also quickly adapt to a new environment.
    • Well-kept shoes ‒ Studies show that people who use brand new and well-kept shoes have attachment anxiety issues. These people often worry what others think of their appearance.

How to dress for success in the IELTS exam?

There is no specific dress code in taking the IELTS exam. However, note that your clothes can influence first impressions. Here are some tips on what kind of clothes you should wear when you take the IELTS test.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes. You should never sacrifice comfort even if you want to impress people. Women may opt to wear a dress or a blouse and slacks. However, avoid wearing revealing clothes, such as those with plunging necklines. For men, you can wear a polo shirt or a long sleeve and pants.
  3. As much as possible, wear formal clothes. You do not want to miss the chance to ace the IELTS exam. This test holds the key to your dream job or university in an English-speaking country. Why not put on your best clothes? For footwear, wearing sneakers is highly discouraged. Women may wear heels or flats, while men can wear leather shoes. Moreover, wearing collared and button-down shirts is also a best way to look formal.

Always dress for success. According to Professor Karen Pine of the University of Hertfordshire, clothes create different mental processes that affect how we view ourselves. In taking the IELTS exam, dress like you are already working or studying in your dream English-speaking country.

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