Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Perks of Keeping a Houseplant

People have different reasons for keeping a houseplant in their homes. It could be for aesthetic purposes—to bring a spark of life in an otherwise empty space—or it could be for medicinal or aromatic purposes—depending on the type of plant involved.

The presence of plants in an enclosed area alone can induce feelings of peace and relaxation— not only because the color green is the most restful hue for the eyes but also because of the vegetation’s subtle but powerful health benefits.

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Many studies delved into the physiological and psychological merits of keeping a houseplant. Results range from aroma-therapeutic influences to creativity-boosting impressions. Though the prominence of the benefits having a houseplant around varies, so far, no adverse effects have been recorded.  If you are going to engage in mentally draining activities such as studying, keeping a houseplant around can generate understated enhancements in your cognitive performance. 

Aside from the mentioned benefits above, here are some of the perks of keeping a houseplant:

    Better oxygen circulation – In a nut shell, rooms with plants have cleaner air. A study suggests that plants can remove up to 10 percent of carbon dioxide in an enclosed area.

    Elevate concentration and productivity – More oxygen means better concentration and memory retention. Having a healthy supply of oxygen in your brain sustains its optimal functionality. Which is why, if you are engaging in an activity that requires mental competency like your IELTS preparation efforts, it is highly recommended that you study in places that have plants. Some IELTS review centers, like the IELTS review center in Davao, have utilized this advantage by including plant life in their interior design.

    Promote eye health – As the most eye-soothing color, simply looking at the color green reduces ocular fatigue. Thus, keeping a green houseplant in your home or work area can help preserve your eye health.

    Better mood – Some IELTS review centers, like the IELTS review center in Davao, maximize the houseplant’s ability to conduct positivity. Studies show that touching plant leaves alone can generate feelings of calm and relaxation which can combat stress, anxiety and depression. Plants are nature’s mood enhancers, especially flowering plants.

    Clears toxins (just by breathing) – As producers of oxygen, plants can significantly cut down indoor pollution. They can naturally purify the air, thus combatting the accumulation of health-threatening compounds in an enclosed area and reducing the risk for respiratory diseases.

When including plant life into your home, it is highly recommended to select kinds that contain health-promoting properties. Make sure that your room conditions are compatible to your plant. Adding plants to your rooms and work areas not only spruce up your overall aesthetics but also your mental and physiological wellness.

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