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WARNING: Habits that Ruin Your Voice Quality

The review center for IELTS is an avenue for honing the competence of students in using the English language. This is where you develop your communication skills and acquire tips and tricks to help prepare you for the high-stakes exam.

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One of the considerations in taking review classes is the accessibility of the review center for IELTS. Time and distance are two important factors that you need to keep in mind. If you live in the metro, the most accessible classes you can take are in the IELTS review center in Manila and Makati. Instructors in the IELTS review center in Manila are IELTS test-takers themselves so you can guarantee that they will guide you all throughout the learning process.

Aside from lectures and coaching sessions, JRooz's IELTS teachers also provide students with helpful tips and tricks to develop their skills further. 

Habits that Affect the Quality of Your Voice

Taking good care of your voice is important especially in the IELTS Speaking section. In the IELTS training, you will learn that voice quality has a bearing on proper enunciation and articulation. Hence, it is crucial that you avoid these practices that ruin your voice quality.

•    Having inadequate sleep
Lack of sleep can derail the quality of your voice, leading to vocal strain and damage. This can result in a lack of clarity when speaking, loss of volume, and decreased tone quality. The body needs ample amount of time to recharge and regain energy. Hence, it is significant that you get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Also, take vocal naps. Allow a five-minute break every couple of hours. This is useful if you are delivering a speech, singing, or engaging in a discussion.

•    Drinking caffeine
Hydration is important in keeping your voice healthy. Caffeine dries out your vocal chords thus affecting your voice quality. Drink water instead to keep your vocal chords lubricated. You may also take foods that contain large amounts of water like apples, watermelons, and peaches. 

•    Smoking
Smoking has severe effects for both the smoker and inhaler. For one, it increases the risk of throat cancer. Second, inhaling smoke irritates the vocal chords. Try taking alternatives instead. For instance, you may opt to eat hydration-conscious snacks whenever you feel the temptation of smoking.

•    Clearing your throat
When you clear your throat, the vocal cords smack together. It results in swelling and can lead to vocal fatigue and strained sound. Whenever you want to clear your throat, try sipping water or tea instead.
It is important that you keep track of your habits to ensure that you keep your voice healthy. Avoid these bad habits to elevate your chances of accomplishing your IELTS score goal.


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